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How do Security Mailbox Cages help to prevent mail and ID theft?

Mailbox Security Cages are the protection of your identification from being stolen for ID theft. Identification theft is what makes it easy for burglars and criminals to build a profile on you and also use your credit or cash your stolen cheques. They work by acting as a first sight, first defense in front of your existing mailbox. Whether it be a community or commercial strata complex, our signature designs will deter thieves to think about a new career before destroying yet another expensive mailbox. We have a design that is industry professionally approved to accept the crown Canada Post lock and also a door within each door to serve for the residents to open. Its a must see, and a must have to become secure.

What are the benefits of using a Security Mailbox Cage to secure your existing mailbox?

JG Locksmith is at the forefront in Mailbox Security because of our unique design that will stop the ongoing intrusions into your mailbox through the weakness of mailbox designs. There are more products out there that can somewhat get you by temporarily, but our Mailcage is to act as a permanent fix that can save lots of money. Costs to constantly repair these boxes will greater exceed caging one, let alone the cost of replacing the actual mailboxes can be more than the cage themselves at times. Most important, you will prevent theft, loss of your ID. and the trouble of replacing what was stolen, which can be a nightmare itself.

What sizes and colours do the Security Mailbox Cages come in?

We will make the custom Mailcage that will fit around your mailbox as tight as you can have it so that it still operates in a proper serving fashion. Regardless of how many mailboxes wide or tall, we can make the solution happen. Custom colours can be chosen also to look nice with your property.

What materials are used in the FH Security design of a Mailcage for mailboxes?

Mailcages are made out of mid to heavy wall steel tubing, meshes and solid panels, in some cases even lexan. Stainless Steel non removable pin hinges are used or continuous commercial hinges. Full length antipry plates are supporting these robust doors with the residents door having a commercial adams-rite hookbolt lock, and the outer frame custom encasing of the postal crown lock.

How do i get a Quote for a Security Mailcage and get the postal lock on including locksmith work?

Contact us and we will come out or send our nearest dealer to your site to help you find out which Security Mailcage is the right solution for you. We will arrange Canada Post crown locks to be installed and do your locksmith work also. Start to finish, We can have your mailbox security cage protecting your mailbox and your identification.


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